“We Lick Our Kin Until their Blood is Blues”

Judged by Christell Victoria Roach


1st Place: Ruben Diaz Vasquez

Rubén JDV is a poet born in Oaxaca, Mexico. He migrated to the U.S. when he was six and identifies himself as an Americanized  Mexican. Living in the borderlands between the United States of America and the United Mexican States, Rubén is passionate about writing at the interstices of Life's many realities and complexities. He is passionate not only about writing poetry but studying it through a "scholarly" lens.


2nd Place: Kira Tucker

Kira Tucker is a poet and visual artist from Memphis, Tennessee. Her creative work seeks to honor her Delta roots while discovering art in every facet of life imaginable. Through her artistic practice, Kira embraces the immensity of being Black and alive. As Koleka Putuma reminds her, “you owe your dreams your courage.” This is a duty Kira strives every day to fulfill, not only to herself but to the multitude of voices in which she finds home.




3rd Place: Emily Gardin

Emily Gardin is a second year at Emory University, studying African American and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. She was born in Colon, Panama but was raised in Waterbury, Connecticut. Emily is passionate about social advocacy and creative writing. She aspires to shape her community through her art and activism.