How to #Finesse EMORY!

By Linda Akinnawonu & Mariah Doze

College students are always looking for ways to cut costs and stay afloat during their academic experience. Emory students are no exception. Let’s be real, Emory is not the cheapest nor the easiest school to attend. That’s why every year Emory students learn the art of finessing! Finesse. We’ve all heard the word used before. Urban Dictionary defines it as: “The unique ability to maneuver seamlessly around people or objects in a smooth manner” (Finesse_Gang_Member 2015). Emory students have discovered ways to enjoy their Emory experience while avoiding some major inconveniences. In this article, some of our alumni and current students give you advice on how you can #Finesse Emory!

  1. “Don’t play yaself with QTM. Take the class with many friends in different sections because it truly takes a village to pass that s***!”
  2. “Emory paid for my extra semester of school under the Advantage Program because I reached the limit of loans so I took an extra semester willingly. I applied for a travel grant to use an Emory bus to take the Emory black community to the AUC for a “program”. When I was in Black Star, we used to use our funding for soul food at almost every program we had.”
  3. “Feel like you’re going to need an afternoon snack and you have nothing but meal swipes left? Bring a backpack and get yourself a couple of napkins. Go get you a slice or two of pizza and bring it back to your seat. Wrap it up and stuff it in your backpack. Walk out like nothing happened.”
  4. “At the end of the year, the rich kids would throw away their “barely used” TVs, room supplies and school supplies. Finessed flat screens and more.”
  5. “It is super easy to sneak into the DUC. We’d practically walk in without getting ID’d. Get our plates and go!”
  6. “If you become a scholar finalist, you will probably leave the interview with a scholarship! Plenty of kids who come are really just trying to go to the Ivies so they never cared about Emory in the first place. If you don’t make it as an Emory Scholar, then maintain a certain GPA, so you can get the Dean’s Achievement Scholarship for your last two years which includes all the privileges of becoming a Scholar.”
  7. “Be nice to the workers in the DUC! They will hook you up! And plus they are generally nice!”
  8. “Bring a bike! This way you can wake up 10 minutes before class and still be on time! Don’t be the kid that is always running to class. You might trip on a loose brick – particularly beware of the ones by Cox Hall. Trust me.”
  9. “I suggest to the incoming freshmen males to get their haircuts at Faith barbershop located on Caroline street. The haircuts are fresh, sharp, and dope. They do everything from curls to waves. Also, go with a friend and split the uber.”
  10. “Get an upperclassman friend if you want Dooley’s and an underclassman friend if you want meal swipes.”
  11. “If you want your braids done, don’t go into Atlanta to find a hairstylist. Literally, just hit up Ifechi: @Ifechibraids on instagram.”
  12. “More general advice I would give to all incoming freshmen is to utilize tupperware. Get you some food from the duc DUC or even events going on campus and save it for the week or a midnight snack.”
  13. “One time my professor tried to assign a long homework assignment that was not on the syllabus. I didn’t do it and explained why. He excused me. That’s how you finesse your way out of a homework assignment at Emory.”
  14. “Be on the lookout for free screenings around campus. The film and media department once hosted a special screening for free of Get Out before it was released in theaters! Other departments have shown films such as Moonlight and Hidden Figures while they were still playing theaters as well.”
  15. “Check out guest speaker events going on around campus as well. My freshman year, a friend who worked at the DUC office told me about an entrepreneurship talk going on featuring Jermaine Dupri and then two weeks later I got to intern for him!”
  16. “Don't waste your money on Microsoft Office if you purchased a new laptop. Emory students get access to download the newest versions every year through their email.”
  17. “If you enjoy using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and can do with using it on the go, use the computers in the music and media library located on the the fourth floor of Woodruff library and enjoy access to those applications and more during its open hours.”
  18.  “Apparently, Emory students have full access to if you need to or are interested in looking up your family history.”
  19. “Peavine parking garage is open on weekends for anyone who lives in the city and doesn't regularly drive a car on campus.”
  20. “If you gradually go to Cox and take a couple plastic forks, spoons, and knives, I guarantee you won't ever have to buy plasticware ever again.”
  21. “Before you decide to give something away such as a printer or even dinner plates, list your items on Emory Buy & Sell on Facebook. You'll be surprised what some Emory students will buy.”
  22. “If you go to the computer lab in the Math and Science Center they have free printing.”
  23. “Cox Hall breakfast is pretty slept on. You can get eggs, pancakes, grits, bacon, and a biscuit for half the price of a typical breakfast at Highland Bakery.”
  24. “As an Emory student, you also have free access to, which provides courses for you to learn nearly anything from computer programming to becoming a photographer.”
  25. “Don't feel pressured by professors to buy those $300 textbooks unless you're taking a science course or it’s otherwise imperative of you to do so. If you can't opt out of buying a textbook altogether search for cheaper alternatives through Amazon, CHEGG, Emory Buy & Sell, or through the local library. Also, e-book rentals are significantly cheaper than hardcover and paperback texts. Some websites allow you to download e-textbooks from their databases.”

So, there you have it. Keep these pieces of advice in your pocket and you’ve got Emory in the bag.