Self Care & Stress: Laugh More

I recently spent the day with a good friend of mine from high school. We saw a movie, ate at a newly opened Whole Foods in a recently gentrified neighborhood (I give my first time in Whole Foods a solid 4.5 out of 10), and spent the rest of the time taking selfies and laughing at things (and maybe some people) we met around the way. It was just one of those days I look back on and think about how refreshing it is to take a break from the mundanities of everyday life and just laugh– how necessary it is to just to be happy about the stupid little things. Like when you’re sitting at the bus stop with your friend and a random man starts blaring “Mask Off” from the speakers of his phone, it’s okay to laugh…and maybe dance along (we may have laughed and shamelessly Milly Rocked to this man’s music). Or when an old couple stares a little too long when you’re trying to catch some divine selfie lighting outside of a Dollar Tree, just laugh it off and hope they walk away (it makes the situation less awkward).

Right now, as I’m typing this blog post, I’m thinking about all of the things I need to do tomorrow, and next week, and the week after that; it really makes me appreciate the day I spent soaking up the sun and laughing at stupid little things with an old friend.

“Sometimes being carefree and Black is an act of revolution.”

Laugh more.

By: Jessica Isibor, Staff Writer