Review: A Magic Door and a Lost Kingdom of Peace

(Credit: Donahue Johnson)

(Credit: Donahue Johnson)

I believe that the best fiction has the ability to transport a reader to new worlds and make them believe in it heart and soul. If you’re interested in fiction and fantasy, the newest book by Hugh Hunter 13C, former EIC of Black Star Magazine, should be your next read. A Magic Door and A Lost Kingdom of Peace is a collection of short stories that explores several different realities. Even though the stories are not related to one another in terms of content and the worlds that they occupy, they are all linked by strong imagery, tension in their respective plots, and powerful language. The plot twists thrown in here and there are excellent as well (no spoilers here—you’ll have to find out for yourselves).

Each story stands on its own and is satisfying, which speaks to Hunter’s ability to tell a concise and complete story. I was blown away by how well Hunter created the world of “Purr-lem” in “Big Redd Writing ‘Hood”; the story is a bit more innocent than others in the collection, but it shows just how well Hunter can create entire worlds. If you like puns, you’ll love this story.

The variety of subject matter and the level of fantasy in the collection provides something enjoyable for every reader. Every story in the collection is relatable regardless of the societies and realities within them. I found myself picturing the Hatari forest, the courses in Gridlock, and laughing along with the citizens of The Southern District. It is a truly engaging work, and I look forward to reading more of Hunter’s work.

  Hunter’s book is available for Kindle on Amazon.

Ashley Graham, Lifestyle Editor