Take Care

S: Guys. We need a self-care session this weekend.

Everyone else in the GroupMe: “I’m with it.”

S: Study session/kickback/venting session about white supremacy ft. snacks?

                  Normally when my GroupMe blows up in the middle of a class, I roll my eyes and try to ignore it. But I was so relieved to know that my friends were feeling the same way as me and dying for a break from the world. On top of being swamped with midterms and papers, we could barely get on the internet without seeing violence and threats against Black lives and bodies. We were physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. And besides, no one can turn down snacks and good company even on the best days.

                  In the past few weeks, I think everyone I’ve talked to has felt this way in some capacity. Dealing with the stress that comes with being a Black student at Emory is heavy enough, but hearing about our peers at other PWIs and their fear and anguish adds insult to injury. No matter how hard we fight, the oppression persists. And boy, do we fight. Through social media and organized demonstrations and protests and written demands, we show the world that we are not willing to merely accept this harsh, unfair reality that we’re given. We scream, we pray, and we demand change. And I love it. I love our resilience, our strength, and our courage.

                  It is so important to fight and to demand change. But I would also say that it is important to take care of ourselves in these difficult times. Try as we might, we can only take so much, and in order to be our best and to make the most effective changes we can, sometimes we need to step back and take care of our well being. So do what you love. Spend time with loved ones and fellowship, and vibe over how beautiful it is to be Black. Listen to music that makes you feel good. Go for walks, unplug from social media, dance, sing, write for yourself. Let your friends make you food, or cook if you want. Rant if it makes you feel good, and avoid the subject at all costs if it doesn’t. Cut out everything negative around you for as long as it takes for you to feel whole again. And when you’re ready and rejuvenated, rejoin the fight. 


Ashley Graham, Lifestyle Editor