7 Things No One Ever Tells You About Your First Year at Emory

1. CVS will ruin your life.

We all come into freshman year with this idea: “I’m going to make a budget and stick to it!” Nope. With $6 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and $5 bags of Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups, you can say good-bye to any hope of staying within that budget.

2. Eagle Convenience will also ruin your life.

CVS can be a hike depending on where you reside on campus. So sometimes you might think, “Hey, I don’t feel like going all the way to CVS, I’ll just go to the convenience store.” DON’T DO IT. The prices at Eagle Convenience make CVS look like the Walmart of drug stores. It’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

3. Lofted beds are dangerous.

My mom wouldn’t send me any of the things I left at home until I ordered a guardrail for my lofted bed. Not even my passport. A kid in my hall fell out of is bed and sprained his arm. ‘Nuff said.

4. Songfest is the best thing ever. 

In previous years, Songfest was pretty lame. However, our freshman class raised the bar and made it one of my favorite events so far. And it has nothing to do with the fact that my hall won. (Raoul Hall, best hall!) In all seriousness, it is a great way to bond with other freshmen--my hallmates and I bonded during Songfest practice. We all traded stories about our lives back home and shared our anxieties about our very first year at college. And of course, Songfest was a great way to exhibit our Emory pride!

5. 150 Dooley Dollars = nothing.

Emory requires all freshman to get the most expensive meal plan. This plan includes unlimited meal swipes to the DUC and 150 Dooley Dollars per semester. I was ecstatic about all those Dooley Dollars! 150? So many, right? No. Between Cox Hall (two words: Twisted. Taco.) and Zaya’s, you will blow through those dollars in no time. I’ve been at Emory for two months and I think I have about 30 Dooley Dollars left….

6. WoodRec hours are the worst.

There are many times when I thought the WoodRec was open, only to find out I was mistaken. I would dream about the grilled cheese all week and when I finally arrived, I would see that the lights were off. Seriously, what restaurant (dining hall?) is closed on Friday and Saturday?

7. The people at Emory seriously care.
Professors, roommates, faculty—people at Emory are genuinely concerned about your wellbeing. The other day, my roommate slapped a honey bun out of my hands because I was already buying candy. She told me that I “didn’t need all that sugar.” My professors have been incredibly helpful and understanding. My philosophy professor made a point to tell our class that professors are not just here to help academically, but they are also here to help us socially and mentally.  My friends are dedicated to making sure that I don’t fail Gen Chem by helping me with homework. They give me encouragement and they push me when I need to be pushed. Having the support system that is in place at Emory makes all the difference, especially for a freshman.

It looks like college might not be so scary after all.


Maya Valderrama, Staff Writer