5 College Bloggers That Will Make You Want to Dress Up for Class

Everyone knows that college students have a lot on their plate when it comes to being academically successful and alert for constant intellectual challenges. So it’s understandable that apathy creeps into the mind of your average student when it comes to getting dressed for class. In order to lessen the severity of this apathy for campus style, I present to you five college bloggers’ whose Instagram will give you the right ounce of sartorial inspiration to make you want to dress up for class. Prepare to be visually stimulated. 


Sam Yohannes, Ryerson University, @samhannes

A mixture of eccentricity and vintage classic classifies Sam’s unique style. She understands how to mix and match pieces that are seemingly unmatchable and turns it into a beautifully unique aesthetic that is all her own. Her quirk looks make for the chicest fashion statements that are begging to be followed. Follow Sam’s Instagram for cool architectural perspectives, gravity defying hair shots and super stylish friends.

Andy Jackson, Delaware State University, @anndyjackson

If norm core style were a person, it would be Andy. His looks take on classic and timeless elements with an overall modernity that completes his sartorial vision. Andy’s ode to the quintessential Ivy League style of the ‘40s through ‘70s is like a breath of nostalgic air. Follow Andy’s Insta for major urban chic inspiration and a glimpse of a fashionable life well-lived.

Penda Sarr, University of Toronto, @pendasarr

The ultimate style maven, Penda assembles looks that are chic and stylishly executed. She has the layering game down to a T with the perfect accessories to elevate every look. Her international sensibilities certainly add another dimension to her sophisticated style. Follow Penda’s Instagram for an insider look at how a fashion girl socializes, eats, lives and travels in style.

Oguguam Ugwuanyi, Loyola University Chicago, @oguguam

Communicating her fashion sense through menswear inspired pieces and throwback shapes, Oguguam is the epitome of a fashion cool girl. It’s easy to see her fun personality through the quirky details she adds in her accessories and the completion of her style. Catch a glimpse of the fun side of fashion on Oguguam’s Instagram full of playful shots and scenes of Western African lifestyle. 

Cheyenne Adler, New York University, @adamantlyadler

One-part fitness guru, another part style guru, Cheyenne has all the elements of a well-balanced life. She infuses her athletic tendencies into her highly sophisticated urban looks with just enough grit to make it that much more effortless. Follow Cheyenne’s Insta for daily dosage of a little visual imagination of city life and decidedly modern metropolitan style.  

(Source:  Adamantly Adler )

(Source: Adamantly Adler)

Charity Gates, Web Content Editor

When Art Meets Fashion

Where does inspiration come from? How does inspiration provide the seeds to create something with the potential of greatness? Creative minds exist in almost every industry, otherwise there would be nothing to show for human ingenuity. It is an interesting experience to see how various worlds can come together and merge into one inspiring abyss of imagination. So when the fashion and art worlds combine, inspiration for daily style is a masterpiece in the making. That’s why I looked to the works of some of the most innovative Black artists to create some artistic looks.


(Art via  Gowen Contemporary ; Top:  J.Crew , Pants:  Topshop , Loafers:  Lord & Taylor )

(Art via Gowen Contemporary; Top: J.Crew, Pants: Topshop, Loafers: Lord & Taylor)

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye is a British artist whose work combines the Western expressive techniques of classical portraiture and the idea of the multifaceted nature of blackness. The subdued minimalism of Yiadom-Boakye’s painting inspired this classic ensemble of stripes, loafers and cigarette pants. The main figure’s prominent human qualities make it seem as if they can walk off the canvas and into the real world.


(Art via  Vogue.com;  Graphic tee:  MANGO , Denim:  ZARA , High-tops:  Converse  )

(Art via Vogue.com; Graphic tee: MANGO, Denim: ZARA, High-tops: Converse )

In the language of lines, creatures, characters and messages, British artist Shantell Martin’s stream-of-conscious drawings make for a light-hearted visual experience. In the simplicity of her use of black ink and white surfaces, it is easy to find street style influences. The relaxed cool of her art easily translates into a pair of distressed denim, graphic tee and high tops.


(Art via  Wikiart ; Sweater Vest:  Madewell , Blouse:  H&M , Skort:  Pilot  , Boots:  ALDO )

(Art via Wikiart; Sweater Vest: Madewell, Blouse: H&M, Skort: Pilot , Boots: ALDO)

One of the most innovative American artists of the 20th century, Basquiat merged the styles of street graffiti with the classic techniques of cubism and surrealism. His work was not only eye-catching, but also contained provocative social commentary that forced the mind to see the messages beyond the image. The rugged maximalism and layered technique of his crown piece inspired an outfit that takes the same effect. The sweater vest layered on top of a flowy blouse, ankle boots and skort reminiscent of the shape of the crown are all inspired by the Basquiat artistry.


(Art via  Brianna McCarthy  ; Top:  Marni , Pants:  Rosie Assoulin , Platforms:  Stella McCartney )

(Art via Brianna McCarthy ; Top: Marni, Pants: Rosie Assoulin, Platforms: Stella McCartney)

Up-and-coming mixed media artist from Trinidad and Tobago, Brianna McCarthy’s, work vividly addresses issues of beauty, stereotypes, and representation. She creatively uses mask imagery to evoke the ethereal beauty of her subjects. The layered technique of her artistry inspired this look that reflects mixed textures and shapes. The outfit follows the three-tiered dimension of the drawing. The ruffled gray top plays into the multidimensional gray of the figure’s face. The bright yellow cut-out pants reflect the pattern of the floral-esque shapes that decorate the figure’s neck. Following the line of the drawing, the platform brogues are reminiscent of the black and white pattern forming the shoulders of the subject.


(Source: Art via  Phillips Collection ; Blazer vest:  Topshop , Pants:  Marni , Sweater:  Romwe , Boots:  ZARA )

(Source: Art via Phillips Collection; Blazer vest: Topshop, Pants: Marni, Sweater: Romwe, Boots: ZARA)

As the mastermind behind The Great Migration Series, Jacob Lawrence Inspired by the daily experiences of African Americans in the early-mid 20th century, Lawrence had a special talent of depicting the shapes and textures of the city spaces that Blacks occupied. His “dynamic cubism” style expresses so many emotions that capture the sentiment of such a critical time in American history. The hues of his color-blocked city scape in this piece inspired an urban chic look. The structure of the vest complements the abstract print of the pants and references the geometric structure of the city block. This cropped sweater is a great layering piece to the vest which also plays a tongue-in-cheek reference to the city in the statement of “You Are Here”. The urban chic look would be incomplete without a pair of healed ankle boots. 


Charity Gates, Digital Content Director