Fall Essentials

Leaves are changing colors, fresh crisp air has replaced the muggy humidity and fall style is beginning to emerge on campus. We all know that with a change in the seasons means a change in your wardrobe. The most important question is what should replace those colorful shorts and breezy tops that occupied the summer months. Mastering the annual season transition is the ultimate sartorial feat, but with these five fall essentials the challenge is accepted.

The Chunky Sweater

                                                          1.  Zara  2.  StyleBop  3.  H&M

                                                          1. Zara 2. StyleBop 3. H&M

Sweater for fall? Groundbreaking. But a chunky sweater? Chic. With a chunky sweater, you will be able to combat the cooler temperatures and look stylish doing so. Plus, they are so versatile. Pair your chunky sweater with a pair of slim fit jeans for a casual look or dress it up with a mid-length skirt for an elevated air. 

The Cropped Pant

                                                        1.  TOPSHOP  2.  Zara  3.  River Island

                                                        1. TOPSHOP 2. Zara 3. River Island

One item that made its existence known on the fall/winter 2015 runways was the cropped pant. This brainchild creation from the 1970s era merges the aesthetics of a skirt and pants, so you can have the best of both worlds. Also, a cropped pant will take your outfit from basic to editorial heights with just the zip of a zipper and close of a button.

The Ankle Boot

                                                   1.  Public Desire  2.  Lulus  3.  La Garconne

                                                   1. Public Desire 2. Lulus 3. La Garconne

Because who doesn’t love a great pair of boots! In almost any style, shape or color, the ankle boot is the ultimate fall essential. Fall is not fall without the boots. Just like the other essentials in this list, the ankle boot is a versatile item that can go from casual to refined with the change of a top or bottom.  

The Turtleneck

                                                         1.  Nordstrom  2.  Madewell   3. H&M  

                                                         1. Nordstrom 2. Madewell  3. H&M  

I have come to appreciate turtlenecks as a piece of simple sophistication after believing for a while that they were a tactic created by parents to torture their children. Turtlenecks are the beacon of bohemian chic and can give you an artistic edge just with a simple pair of jeans or pants. Best of all, they make for a great layering piece when the weather is especially unforgiving.

The Suede Skirt

                                                           1.  Nordstrom   2.  MANGO  3.  Zara

                                                           1. Nordstrom  2. MANGO 3. Zara

No longer tied to the space of a cowboy ranch or western rodeo, the suede skirt is a chic compliment to the likes of a leather skirt. The unconventional texture makes it a great piece to add a little eclecticism to your fall wardrobe and be a great layering piece to any of your favorite fall essentials.


Charity Gates, Digital Content Director and Contributing Writer