5 College Bloggers That Will Make You Want to Dress Up for Class

Everyone knows that college students have a lot on their plate when it comes to being academically successful and alert for constant intellectual challenges. So it’s understandable that apathy creeps into the mind of your average student when it comes to getting dressed for class. In order to lessen the severity of this apathy for campus style, I present to you five college bloggers’ whose Instagram will give you the right ounce of sartorial inspiration to make you want to dress up for class. Prepare to be visually stimulated. 


Sam Yohannes, Ryerson University, @samhannes

A mixture of eccentricity and vintage classic classifies Sam’s unique style. She understands how to mix and match pieces that are seemingly unmatchable and turns it into a beautifully unique aesthetic that is all her own. Her quirk looks make for the chicest fashion statements that are begging to be followed. Follow Sam’s Instagram for cool architectural perspectives, gravity defying hair shots and super stylish friends.

Andy Jackson, Delaware State University, @anndyjackson

If norm core style were a person, it would be Andy. His looks take on classic and timeless elements with an overall modernity that completes his sartorial vision. Andy’s ode to the quintessential Ivy League style of the ‘40s through ‘70s is like a breath of nostalgic air. Follow Andy’s Insta for major urban chic inspiration and a glimpse of a fashionable life well-lived.

Penda Sarr, University of Toronto, @pendasarr

The ultimate style maven, Penda assembles looks that are chic and stylishly executed. She has the layering game down to a T with the perfect accessories to elevate every look. Her international sensibilities certainly add another dimension to her sophisticated style. Follow Penda’s Instagram for an insider look at how a fashion girl socializes, eats, lives and travels in style.

Oguguam Ugwuanyi, Loyola University Chicago, @oguguam

Communicating her fashion sense through menswear inspired pieces and throwback shapes, Oguguam is the epitome of a fashion cool girl. It’s easy to see her fun personality through the quirky details she adds in her accessories and the completion of her style. Catch a glimpse of the fun side of fashion on Oguguam’s Instagram full of playful shots and scenes of Western African lifestyle. 

Cheyenne Adler, New York University, @adamantlyadler

One-part fitness guru, another part style guru, Cheyenne has all the elements of a well-balanced life. She infuses her athletic tendencies into her highly sophisticated urban looks with just enough grit to make it that much more effortless. Follow Cheyenne’s Insta for daily dosage of a little visual imagination of city life and decidedly modern metropolitan style.  

(Source:  Adamantly Adler )

(Source: Adamantly Adler)

Charity Gates, Web Content Editor